Bob Melvey

Managing BrokerWindermere Real Estate

Preparing the Marketing Materials

It is important that when the marketing begins, all of the marketing materials are in place. Because of this, much of the work I do will occur weeks before the home is listed for sale. A large percentage of the buyer activity occurs in the first seven days, so it is important that all of the marketing materials are in place at the outset. A typical market preparation list is as follows:

Measure the house and grounds to create floor plans to be used in internet marketing and preview sheets.

Coordinate repairs and other cosmetic improvements that will enhance the salability of your home.

Order a sketch to be used in preview sheets and mailers.

If the home is vacant, arrange for a home staging company to give the home a comfortable, lived-in look.

Hire a professional photographer to create eye-catching images to be used for preview sheets, mailers and internet marketing.

Create color preview sheets to be used at the house, and mailers that will be sent to neighboring residents and real estate agents.

Create the Photo Gallery for the Windermere web site, and create a special page at that includes a floor-plan photo tour and a high-quality PDF of the preview sheet.