Bob Melvey

Managing BrokerWindermere Real Estate

A Brief Personal History

I grew up in Wallingford and went to Interlake Grade School , Hamilton Jr. High, and Lincoln High School, where my father was my Norwegian teacher. (He retired from Ballard High in 1987)

During my high school senior year I started a business called Trishaw Taxi, which was a Chinese pedicab taxi service around Pioneer Square and the Woodland Park Zoo. The business was not financially profitable but the education was priceless. I was hooked on being my own boss.

In 1976 my mother and I pooled our resources and bought a dilapidated old three-story farmhouse in Ballard. It needed everything and we had very little money. But it did give us a foot-hold in a rapidly appreciating real estate market. It didn't take long before it was obvious to me that owning real estate was a good way to create financial security. That's when I began pondering the possibilities of making real estate an occupation as well.

My Real Estate Career

In 1977 at the age of 21 I started my career in real estate sales. My youthful idealism got in the way at first. I had grown up believing that the sales profession was manipulative and dishonest. I felt that associating with it compromised my values. However, I soon learned that strong values are good for business. I was proud to be in a profession that allowed me to help people achieve their goals.

In 1981 I became manager of Loyal Realty and focused my efforts on helping the owners update the firm's image. In 1985 I moved down the street to Windermere Real Estate in Ballard. Then, as now, Windermere was the local name of quality and service. Also unchanged over the years is the professionalism of the Windermere Ballard crew. My associates are knowledgeable, friendly, and always eager to help each other.

My Life

My wife, Mary, and I have two adult children. Katelyn lives in the old yellow farmhouse I bought with my mom so many years ago and helps us maintain it. Ryan lives in an apartment in Brooklyn. It has two bedrooms, and one of them is ready for us to visit him at the drop of a hat.

Mary and I live in a comfortable home in Olympic Manor, north of Ballard and due west of Soundview Park. And, of course, we also have a bedroom in Brooklyn!