Bob Melvey

Managing BrokerWindermere Real Estate

Initial Interview

Our first meeting gives both of us an opportunity to decide if we want to work together. Finding the right house involves teamwork between you, your lender and your agent, and it's important that the relationships be comfortable. I will ask you questions about just what you are looking for in a home.

In addition to bedrooms and bathrooms I want to know what kind of life-style you live. Do you have pets? Do you enjoy gardening? Do you like to spend your free time at home or out pursuing a hobby? These questions will help me determine what your priorities are.

This information is also helpful when it comes time to present the offer to a seller. Sellers are usually very proud of their homes. They are very interested in anyone who appreciates their home as much as they do. (It may sound corny, but presenting a list of what you like about their home can carry tremendous weight in a multiple offer situation.) I will also ask you questions about your financial situation so that I can help you determine how much of a loan you can qualify for.

You will have an opportunity to ask me any questions you have, or any concerns you might have about the buying process. If you are interviewing more than one agent, it is helpful for you to come with a list of prepared questions that you can ask.

Common questions are "How long have you been in the business?", "How many buyers do you work with at a time?", and "What neighborhoods and price ranges do you specialize in?". There are many other questions you can ask to help you decide if I am the agent you want working for you and representing your interests.