Bob Melvey

Managing BrokerWindermere Real Estate

Escrow Process... Completing the Purchase

When loan approval is obtained, closing documents are drawn up and sent to escrow. The escrow agent’s function is to facilitate an orderly transfer of ownership from seller to buyer. Taxes need to be prorated, any underlying liens on the property must be paid off, and many documents will be reviewed, signed and notarized. Utility transfers may possibly be handled by escrow or you and the seller may agree to handle these on your own. Either way, you will need to contact the utility companies. I will provide you with phone numbers and instructions.

At your request, I will accompany you at the signing so that I can answer questions and try to solve any problems that might arise. I am not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice, but my presence can be useful if a last-minute addendum is needed or a document is missing from the escrow agent's file.

The signing of documents does not constitute closing. Closing occurs without you being present, when the documents are recorded and the proceeds check is available for the seller. If any questions or concerns arise after closing I will be there to help you. My goal is for you to look back on your home-buying experience with a feeling of satisfaction.