Bob Melvey

Managing BrokerWindermere Real Estate

Market Analysis

On our first meeting I will walk through your home with you gathering the information needed to complete an accurate estimate of value. Any information about improvements you have made or problems you have had with the home would be helpful at this time. Expect this visit to last between thirty minutes to one full hour.

During the next several days after this visit I will complete the analysis, comparing your home to similar homes that have sold recently. I will also check out our competition; the properties currently on the market.

Once this is completed I will meet with you to go over the comparable properties and share with you an estimate of your net proceeds based on the sale price range indicated by the comparables. If I foresee any lender required work orders, the cost estimate for taking care of these will be listed within the net proceeds worksheet. At this time I will share with you a proposed marketing plan which we will fine-tune together so that it best suits your needs.

I will come prepared with the listing paperwork so that we can start the marketing process immediately if you wish, however it is best to wait until the home is spruced up and ready for "company".